NEw era - Engineered plus

I had the pleasure of working alongside Bolder Creative to create a set of visuals to promote New Era’s new product line - Engineered Plus.

Using references from machinery designs used to create textures and materials we created visuals that would tell the story of an engineered material; showcasing the camouflage pattern that appears on the New Era Engineered Plus caps.

My role was to create industrial styled visuals that housed the different cap designs and highlighted the unique material presented on these caps, as well as texturing lighting and animating the full spot.

Using interesting camera angles, high contrast scenes and photo-real texturing we produced the full 30 second spot as well as social media cut downs of each cap.

Studio: Bolder Creative

Director: David Farquharson

Modelling, Lighting, Rendering and Animation: Luke Brown and David Farquharson

Additional Animation: Lina Schwamkurg

Cap Modelling: Scott Ramsay

Audio: Luke Scholefield